About PPM



What is PPM™?

PPM™ is a liquid solution that prevents and reduces microbial contamination in plant tissue culture. PPM™ is effective against airborne, waterborne, human contact, and endogenous contamination. 

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Why does PPM™ do it best?

PPM™ has been the leading solution to plant tissue culture contamination for more than 25 years.

PPM™ can be used as a standard ingredient in plant tissue culture media and is much better for your tissue culture than its antibiotic alternatives.

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Why is PPM™ preferable to Antibiotics?

  • Using antibiotics in tissue culture supports antibiotic-resistant strains and allows low-level contamination to persist. Since PPM™ targets and inhibits multiple enzymes, the formation of resistant mutants towards PPM™ is unlikely.

  • PPM™ is effective against fungal and endogenous contamination, both of which are note addressed by antibiotics.

  • PPM™ is less expensive than antibiotics.

According to ThermoFisher Scientific: “Antibiotics should only be used as a last resort and only for short term applications, and they should be removed from the culture as soon as possible.”


Why is preventing contamination important? 

Contamination of your cell or tissue culture can ruin your plants or kill them entirely, and will impair the reproducibility of your results. 

Despite the use of sterile techniques and aseptic conditions, the contamination of plant cell and plant tissue cultures remains a persistent problem (most studies estimate between 10% and 20% of all cell cultures in the U.S. to be contaminated).


Other Benefits of PPM™

  • PPM™ does not impair in vitro seed germination, callus proliferation or callus regeneration

  • PPM™ is broad-based and heat-stable

  • PPM™ can be autoclaved with tissue culture media

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