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What is the Tissue Culture Process and Why is it in Demand?

Tissue culture is a technique of growing new plant tissue by transferring them into an artificial environment in which they can continue to grow, and function. This article deals with tissue culture: the process, its importance, and its advantages over other forms of planting.As in most industries, profit is king in the cannabis trade. Even [...]

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PPM vs Antibiotics - A Comparison

Image Source: https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-marijuana-will-be-an-antibiotic-for-the-future-n366Whether you are a seed to fruit kinda grower, or a plant cloning guru, you know how vital it is to keep your plants free from contaminants. From airborne microbial infections, airborne microbial contamination, or even waterborne pollution, cell technology has been chasing down a sustainable, long-term answer to these agricultural issues. It seems [...]

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PPM eliminates bacteria...no fungal contamination

Baby hemp plants are growing strong. No fungal contamination detected. Traces of bacterial contamination were eliminated by the PPM mixed into the gel. Plants look healthy and are growing quickly. Stay tuned for more updates.Feel free to reach out directly for more information on the concentrations used, inquiries about PPM, and partnerships.

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No contamination after 15 days --- no laminar flow hood

15 days after the tissue was placed into the jars with PPM we have no contamination

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Optimal PPM concentrations determined in order to clone Hemp plants without contamination

Francisco begins the experiment by testing various concentrations of PPM against a control (the red colored gel has no PPM in the media). Each colored gel represents a different concentration of PPM.In order to successfully sterilize the meristematic tissue we need to:1. Determine the optimal concentration of PPM needed2. Calculate the amount of time that [...]

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PCT to clone Hemp using PPM without a laminar flow hood

PCT is excited to partner with Ironside Hemp to develop an efficient in vitro propagation procedure for hemp clones. Our plants will be grown in a cost-effective laboratory without a laminar flow hood. Our technician will be using various doses of PPM to prevent contamination and maintain sterile cultures.Stay tuned as we will be sharing [...]

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