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Phytagel is intended for use in place of agar and other gelling agent for plant tissue culture. Phytagel has been shown to be a superior substitute for tissue-culture-grade agar in the micropropagation of banana plantlets.

Phytagel has been used:
• in the solidification of culture medium for root assays in Arabidopsis thaliana[1]
• as a component of Solid Paul′s medium for Agrobacterium culture[2]
• as a component of root induction medium in Ilex dumosa tissue culture[3]

Gelling agent and Agar substitute

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100, 250, 500 g in poly bottle


Other Notes

An agar substitute produced from a bacterial fermentation composed of glucuronic acid, rhamnose and glucose. It produces a clear, colorless, high strength gel which aids in detection of microbial contamination.

Phytagel is a Sigma-Aldrich Co product.