PCT Starterkit

18th Nov 2020

PCT Starterkit

For the past few years Plant Cell Technology (PCT) has been the leading organization in the plant tissue culture community. Our mission has always been to provide our customers with high quality products, at an affordable price. Since day 1 we've designed our product offerings based off of the needs of our community. First it was the need for fun and interactive "Pet Plants," then it became the need for plant contamination, so we developed our Plant Preservative mixture. 


We now hear the need for an easy solution to getting started with Tissue Culture. Normally you'd have to shop around the internet to mix and match products, but we've designed a kit that gives you everything you need in one purchase!

How This Starter Kit Will Help You

Who doesn't love a helping hand? Skip the hassle of tracking down products from different vendors online and coordinating sizes. Purchase everything you need from a company you trust. Consider PlantCellTechnology to be your tissue culture companion because we strive to fulfill all your tissue culture requirements and be a resource every step along the way.

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What This Starter Kit Contains 

  1. Culture Vessel: The StarterKit comes with 3 thick glass culture vessels of 250 ml. The glass vessels contain a filter to account for the exchange of gases during an experiment. These are tissue culture designed vessels to maintain the specific culture environment and support its growth.
  2. Agar: Agar (solidifying or gelling agent) is one of the most essential components of culture media that provides support for culture establishment and growth. The kit contains 50 grams of Agar which is suitable to make about 5 liters of media.
  3. PPM (Plant Preservative Mixture): Our featured product which has become an essential component of any tissue culture process. Many culturists have included PPM in their experiments to avoid any contamination from any kind of source. The Starter Kit involves 10 ml of PPM (one quantity) which is appropriate for 5 liters of media.
  4. MS media: The most commonly used and suitable media for tissue culture processes. PCT has made the tissue culture process easy for you by putting accurately weighed elements of the media in one bottle. The Starter Kit comes with 1 bottle of MS media that can be used to make 1 liters of the culture media (one liter in each bottle).

All products are packaged safely and sealed in a custom PCT Starter Kit box. 

NOTE: The quantity differs depending on the species of the plant you grow. 

Plant Cell Technology can become your permanent tissue culture companion by helping you with your cultures and its processes providing everything you need to get started. We will provide you upgraded knowledge related to your experiments whether it’s theoretical or practical and will update you about newly introduced products on our website. We also make Youtube videos on tissue culture processes to educate you on its multiple steps.



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